Is it time for an update?

Keeping your own and your staff portraits up to date doesn't go unnoticed by your clients. Using old images or a mix of portraits taken by different photographers without a cohesive look can say a lot more about your company than you'd think. Old images can signal to your clients that you aren't staying up to date in your work and that you may like to 'set it and forget it' instead of innovating. A hodgepodge of staff images can look unorganized and messy instead of reinforcing the strength and professionalism of your brand, this can tell clients that the details don't matter to you. And I know we'd all agree that these are not the messages you want to be sending to new or current clients!

But not to worry, I can take 'new images' off your to do list! And it's my job to make it a lot simpler and easier than you expect. I have the flexibility to meet you where you are OR host your staff in our space. I have the latest technology to let you view and select your favorite images in real time as we are shooting which streamlines delivery (while also making sure everyone of your staff loves their images!). Our professional lighting and skilled posing will make you look and feel great in front of the camera and set your images apart from your competitors too.

I'm available for headshot work in-studio in Oreana IL, Columbia & Jefferson City MO and on location across the midwest. You can snag our free headshot guide to help plan and style your next session HERE.

And check out our recent work with MAAD Creative, Steve's Pest Control, TWSS Columbia, Missouri Girl's Town, Jill Reedy, Architectural Expressions, and more below.