Have you given much thought to the colors of your headshot portrait?

Tell me three words you'd like your headshot image to say?

If I were NEVER going to meet you and only see your one headshot photo, what would you hope I knew about you?

Describe your job in no more than 2 sentences.

What's your company branding/logo color?

Tell me what you LOVE about your last headshot... how about what you hate?

These are just a few of the things you may hear me ask you when you walk in for your next executive portrait (or headshot) session. Why? Because I can tell a LOT of different stories about you in one single image and it's important we tell your potential clients your story clearly.

Is it most important to you to look approachable and friendly (councilor, therapist, ministry) or professional, responsible and intelligent (financial advisor, accountant, banker) or all these things (tutor, speaker, politician). You do NOT have to know the best backdrop color to tell your story best or the pose, expression and lighting that will create this narrative - that's MY job. But the best prep you can do before your session is to think about your story, your brand and your goals for the images. Then, simply tell me that and sit back and relax and I'll do the rest.

Today, I get to share a variety of images I've created over the last few months for professionals in a variety of careers... financial advisor, IT tech, loan officers, business owners, speaker, graphic designer, engineer, surgeon, lawyer, jewelry artist, pageant queen, therapist... can guess see who's who? A few other fun things to know about these fun folks...

  • at least two hold US patents
  • one I went to elementary school with
  • one I went to college with (and photographed her wedding)
  • one I married
  • one is a Queen! (pageant that is)

You can get our full headshot guide with tips on wardrobe, color selection, hair/makeup and more to prep for your next headshot session HERE.

Would you like to update your entire team's portraits with images they like?

We offer on-location headshot sessions across mid-Missouri and central-Illinois for teams of any size. In just a few minutes each we can offer your team a personal yet professional image that they feel good about sharing and gives your business/brand a sleek cohesive look. Our integrated booking system takes 'herding cats' off your plate on image-day. We provide a direct link for staff to reserve their exact on-camera time, provide them with our headshot guide so they feel comfortable and confident in preparing for session, send automated reminder the week and day prior and manage selections directly. With immediate viewing of images just after session we ensure your team enjoys the process and the image and streamline delivery process of their favorite image straight to you with no selection delays.

Touch base HERE to check availability for your team's next portrait day.