Senior year is important but what about the years before? We think they're pretty awesome too and deserve their own celebration! They're years of change and discovery and growth (it's amazing how much you're going to grow up and change in the next few years).


WHAT is the 'Pre-Team' ? It's a pre-cursor to our Senior Model Team that includes a personal studio 'headshot' session and a themed/styled group session with the whole pre-team each year.

WHY? The PreTeam Program is here to encourage students to make new friends and have a fun experiences together at the group session and to give them a fun space to be themselves and to create fun images along the way too. We know these middle-school into early high school years can be HARD. Let's face it, kids can be mean... our preteens can become unsure of who they are, insecure, nervous about fitting in, etc. This program is here to combat all that. To give them a space to be themselves (to explore who that actually is) and to FEEL GREAT on session and see themselves how we see them.

WHO can join? Students can join the Pre-Team as early as the summer before their 8th grade year (and anytime after, but the earlier they join the more shoot opportunities available).

HOW do you apply? Simply complete our 'Pre-Team' Model Application HERE to tell us a bit more about yourself (be as detailed as possible so we can get to know you a bit better). Then we'll set up a quick phone consultation with your parents to answer any questions and walk through some of the basics. Finally, we'll setup your 1st personal headshot session (15 minutes) at the studio so we can meet you and complete your enrollment in the program creating your first images!


  • ONE-TIME enrollment fee of $95
  • Personal in-studio headshot session each year enrolled from 8th-10th
  • Annual group session with unique theme/location (group AND individual images created here)
  • 1 FREE Social Media image from each session
  • Limited Edition Pricing on image purchases from headshot/group sessions (That means 40% off basic wall art, small prints & digital images)!

"Fix your ponytail and try again."