Home Gallery

It's time to stop filling harddrives & fill your home with joy

When's the last time your printed your favorite family portraits? Are you overwhelmed with what to choose? How big to print? Canvas or frames? And then actually hanging them!
Our full-service home gallery design is 100% complimentary for all our portrait clients. Learn more below about how we can help you combine the new and the old, portraits and other art to create a truly cohesive and joy-filled home gallery that not only makes an impressive impact on your guests but truly adds love and joy to the space

Getting Started is Easy!

Beginning your home gallery design is as simple and easy and texting us photos of your space. We start with images of your walls so we can begin designing BEFORE your session.

Just like you wouldn't select a new couch without seeing the size of the living room or the color of the walls/rugs/fixtures, we do not want to go into your session without a cohesive design plan. THIS is the key to creating images that seamlessly add to your decor and feel effortlessly planned.


Once we've created your images we'll review them together along with mockup designs we'll have already put together with our suggestions. We can real-time add to and change these designs so you can see exactly how your walls will look before we go to print.

There's no guessing here. In just an hour or two we'll know the perfect size, finish and layout for your space and there will be nothing left on your to do list! We even do the installation.

EXPLORE MORE OF OUR WORK below and click here to schedule your planning call today!



Janice Stock (Austin's Mom)

1 / 5

"We have experienced the Senior Model experience twice and I PROMISE it is worth it. I have never regretted the time and money we have spent. This becomes a part of making Senior year special. Sarah Jane does amazing behind the camera but the additional touches she does with editing is another art form."

1 / 5