A spring full of executive portraits with a variety of professionals!

I've so enjoyed networking since our relocation to Columbia, MO with local professionals through the ACA Business Club. When I first moved to Decatur, IL over a decade ago networking and getting to know the community was one of the highlights of those early years too. I got to meet Katrina who was creating Thrive Entertainment Guide and go on to create with her and the publication for years. And like history repeating itself I feel so grateful to have connected with and met awesome professionals and creatives like Brandon with MAAD Creative and have the chance again to create for some awesome publications.

This past month Lili invited me in to co-host a headshot portrait event for fellow ACA club members as well as create some new decals for the club office front windows to showcase members before their big Small Business of the Year finalist celebration! (Shout out to ACA for making it to the top FIVE small businesses in the area this year!). So today on the blog I'm not only going to showcase some of the images we created for that project but some of the others I've created with fellow ACA members this spring. This community is truly FULL of talent and amazing folks who are doing great things in their lives, their businesses and their communities and I'm thrilled to be a small part of it.

You can get our full headshot guide with tips on wardrobe, color selection, hair/makeup and more to prep for your next headshot session HERE.