Meet the amazing team behind Missouri Girls Town

I met Deanna & Jenny through ACA Business Club and am so glad I did. It's been a pleasure to get to know them a bit through weekly coffees. I got my first chance to work with them creating headshots for Deanna and more recently had the pleasure to photograph a couple MGT seniors and now the entire staff! We wanted to create both a cohesive look with a standard headshot plus something a little warmer and more inviting and a bit more casual and we were able to create both looks in just 5 minutes or less with each staff member.

How about a little staff spotlight......

Chasity Knight - Medical Coordinator

Favorite thing about your job? "I get to interact with at least one youth resident every day."

Dream Vacation? "I already took it! I went to Iceland in 2021."

Favorite thing to do outside of work? "Go camping, swimming and hanging out with my dog, Wilson, and boyfriend, Clay."

Favorite Food? "I just love it all! But if I had to choose one, it would be crab legs."

Deanna Barger - Director of development

Congratulations, Deanna! She was recently selected as a recipient of an Echo 25, an award that honors the accomplishments of alumni under the age of 40 from Truman State University.

Deanna joined the Missouri Girls Town team in March of 2022. She's a member of the Columbia Kiwanis International Club, the ACA Business Club and obtained her Master's of Public Affairs with an emphasis in Nonprofit and Public Management in 2018.

Meg Linear - Therapist

What's the best part of your job? "Spending time with the kids. I love that everyday is different and I get to guide them and watch them grow in so many different aspects of their lives."

Dream Vacation? "Hawaii! It looks so beautiful."

Do you have any pets? "I have one dog, Peggy (Pegasus), who is a white boxer and is deaf. And two cats, Nora & Stevie."

Plans this summer? "I'm going to Colorado to see one of my best friends get married and to see Zach Bryan!"

after everyone's individual images, we headed out to feature the whole team!

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