Ten years of marriage (+ two kids) at the Jefferson City Capitol!

This family session was next level. Like 'dust in my eye' while editing thinking of the absolutely beautiful life this couple has created in the last decade. Ten years ago I photographed Pam and Doug around the Jefferson City Capitol building on their wedding day, surrounded by their closest friends. And this year, I photographed the two of them again, around the same building, under the same archway with the two people they created!!

It really is times like these that I'm reminded why I'm doing what I am. Sometimes, in this job, there are missed school programs, dinners I don't make it home for, weekends I see my clients for hours and my kids for minutes. But there's also meaning. There's the joy of creating a family legacy. There's an expanded client family full of kiddos I get to watch grow up. There are first images, and lasts. There's time... to slow down, put the stress of the day to day away and just snuggle close to your wife/husband and play with your kids. Because THIS.... this is beautiful. It's hard, it's messy, it's busy, we're all pretty sure we're screwing it up in some way but this is IT.

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