How are you rolling into 2024?!

Happy New Year, all! We're a couple weeks in and the champagne bubbles have settled, the glitter has been swept away (mostly), and we've got those resolutions still hovering. We've all had our fair share of "new year, new me" declarations – gym memberships purchased (and maybe abandoned), closets purged (only to be restocked with semi-regrettable impulse buys), and goals to-do lists that grow longer than a vintage Vogue runway. But this year, what if we shifted the focus. Let's swap the frantic flurry of "shoulds" for a more intentional, focused kind of direction-setting. One that celebrates the people we are, while nudging us gently towards the people we want to be.

In all honestly, it's time... we deserve a different kind of resolution. Not one that focuses on shortcomings or some way we will find to re-write who we are. Not a crash diet, but a commitment to nourishing our own needs. Not a frenzied schedule makeover, but a conscious carving out of space for joy. So, let's grab a glass of something sparkly (liquid death if you've kicked off dry-January too), put down those mile long to-do lists, and come together with some new tools and a HYPE TEAM.

I've got a few ways I myself am working to make 2024 about creating more intentional joy:

1. Ditch the guilt-inducing "shoulds" and focus on "coulds." Could you schedule a weekly massage instead of feeling too indulgent? Could you trade afternoon errands for a walk in the park with a friend (movement AND connection)? Could you treat yourself to a solo gallery visit and let the art inspire you? Or what about just sitting on the couch for that extra 30 minutes quietly enjoying your coffee (without the 'I shoulds....' in your head).

2. Think beyond the familiar horizon. That trip to Bali you've been dreaming of? Book it... or, if the funds aren't there yet. Plan it! Plan it so you know what it will cost and start saving toward it. Put it VISUALLY in front of you in a beautiful way, on a vision board or just a beautiful image as your screensaver or pinned to your home bulletin board. See it every single day.

3. Don't do it alone. This past year I was invited to a book club focusing on the book Find Your People. And boy, was it eye opening to realize how much I, personally, yearned for more and deeper connection to the people right around me. But what was even more unexpected was to hear how every single woman sitting at our table (and I suspect in the room) felt the exact same way. We wanted to reach out but talked ourselves out of it, we wanted to grab coffees but were afraid we'd be an imposition, but really we all wanted the same thing - to be closer.

4. Filter out negativity. Life throws curveballs, that's inevitable. But instead of dwelling on the moments that feel like they've thrown us off, take them as they are - a moment not an eternity.

So, I hope you'll join me in raising our glasses, not to fleeting resolutions, but to a year of focused intentions. Let's make 2024 a year where we step through the lens of possibility, embracing self-care, adventure, joy, and connection. And, if you're free to join a room full of folks with the same intentions this year. To connect with others and dive deep within to flesh out your true visions for your future I hope you'll join us at our RESCHEDULED 1/26 Envision 2024 One Day Retreat in Columbia, MO.

Mid-west weather threw us a curveball on our last date 1/12 but we aren't letting it throw us off course. We'll be gathering in a week with the intention to make a big impact on the lives of our guests through powerful guided meditation and vision casting ending with a beautiful vision board piece of art for your walls. We'd love to have you join us and start 2024 off with a great sense of purpose, power, hope and direction.

And if your goals for 2024 include a new vision of yourself and experiences with your teens....