When it comes to family photos, one of the key elements that can make or break the final result is outfit coordination. Well-coordinated outfits can enhance the overall look of your family portraits, adding a sense of unity and style. However, getting it right requires some planning and consideration. In this guide, we'll walk you through the dos and don'ts of family outfit coordination to help you look your best in front of the camera.

The Dos:

1. Choose a Color Palette:

Do select a color palette that compliments each other. Soft pastels, earthy tones, or a combination of neutrals often work well. You don't need to match exactly, but aim for colors that harmonize.

2. Consider the Setting:

Do think about where you'll be taking your photos. If it's a natural outdoor setting, earthy tones and soft colors can blend beautifully. For an urban backdrop, bolder colors might pop against the cityscape.

3. Layer and Accessorize:

Do layer clothing for added depth and texture. Scarves, cardigans, or statement jewelry can add a stylish touch without overwhelming the ensemble.

4. Think About Season:

Do dress appropriately for the season and location. Cozy sweaters and boots for fall, light dresses for spring, and breathable fabrics for summer.

5. Plan in Advance:

Do plan your outfits well in advance of the session. This allows time for shopping, alterations, and ensures everyone has their chosen attire ready. We'll help with this planning during your planning call. You can hop on our ZOOM schedule now or contact us for an in-person meeting. We'll help with everything from wardrobe and location planning to in-home portrait gallery design!

The Don'ts:

1. Avoid Neon or Extremely Bright Colors:

Don't choose neon or overly bright colors that can distract from the faces in the photos. These colors tend to reflect harshly in the light and can even cast color onto your skin.

2. Avoid Logos and Busy Patterns:

Don't dress in clothing with large logos, slogans, or busy patterns. They can be distracting and date your photos quickly.

3. Don't Match Too Closely:

Don't feel the need for everyone to wear the exact same outfit. While matching everyone in the same white polo can make outfit planning easy, it's often far more appealing to coordinate with a common color scheme rather than identical attire. Plus, it's more YOU. Everyone in your family isn't the same person and we want personalities to shine.

4. Stay Away from All Black or All White:

Don't have everyone wear all black or all white outfits. This can lead to a lack of contrast and make it difficult to distinguish individuals in the photo.

5. Avoid Last-Minute Choices:

Don't leave outfit choices until the last minute. Rushing to find clothes can result in outfits that don't harmonize well and worse than that - outfit STRESS! You may end up adding/changing a few pieces the evening before but it's a great idea to have a head start on this process (sometimes months in advance).

Bonus Tips:

- Kids' Comfort: Ensure that children are comfortable in their outfits. Uncomfortable kids can make the photo session more challenging.

- Test Beforehand: Try on outfits before the day of the shoot to ensure they fit well and look good together. Even laying everything out together is helpful to pinpoint anything that actually sticks out too much from the other items.

- Hair and Makeup: Coordinating the 'level' of hair/makeup is key especially for large extended families. We suggest an 'enhanced natural' look that's a bit more than every day but not full formal wedding-day style. This creates a timeless look and is an easy middle-ground if some family members lean more natural and others more glam.