She's not so little anymore!

Today, we're going to celebrate Mackenna, aka "Mack" ... and not with just ONE session but with all her past sessions. This little lady has been in front of my camera since before she was even born and there's nothing more fun for me than getting to hang out with your kids as they grow. It's amazing how much our little ones change in their first year of life, that's true. But the changes do not stop there, of course. So our baby grows club has always run for TWO full years with the option to continue on with annual sessions for life!

Along the way I love to focus each session just a bit. For newborn, of course, we're showcasing a LOT because there's a whole new human being on the planet... we want to see all the details plus celebrate each new relationship that was born along with the new little one; momma, dad, siblings and even pet's lives all change with this addition!

Then come 4 month time, little one is seeing the world with head lifted high and stretching out long and far learning to fill the space. Maybe they're even reaching for toes and hands and ooooh so much drool. By 8 months your baby really has a new view of the world often sitting up solo and (maybe) even starting to stand while holding on tight to a finger or chair.

And then comes ONE YEAR.... where my fingers are crossed they are only ALMOST walking hahaha! My job's a lot easier that way but once they're off, they're off, and we play a game of 'come get me' then reset and play again and again. Oh and then we eat (or at least play with) some cake!

After that very eventful first year we give hugs or waves and say goodbye until a whole year later when your toddler comes RUNNING into the studio with a favorite toy and we play a game of chase or jump on the bed or dress up with all the pretties. And in my favorite moments of all we give BIG HUGS because now we are BFFs (and then, look what happens for so many of my littles - they become the big siblings!).

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