On-location Headshot Session with State Farm Agent, Stephanie Wilmsmeyer, and the team!

Stephanie Wilmsmeyer is a POWERHOUSE! She's an excellent insurance agent and really knows how to market herself, I know you've seen or heard her name around #como! She also holds herself with such poise and confidence.... I think we all want to be her a little bit when we grow up! I met her first through ACA Business Club and was thrilled to be invited to come create with her and the team. As with a number of offices, her team is ever-evolving (as well as her beautiful office space which has recently expanded!) so we ended up doing a couple day's sessions to create for the full team including a couple new faces.

One of my favorite things we did for the team was create a dynamic team portrait... what the heck does that mean? Well, we created a team photo that can change, grow and be added to as new folks join them. This is an option I've been creating for both companies and families for years. It's hard to get every single person in one place at the same time (especially in these days with so much #remotework happening). So, with this option you don't have to. We create full length seated/standing/alt angle images of every person in a re-creatable environment so that we can replicate those results any day in the future to add new people to your team image.

See some of our favorites below and snag your free headshot guide HERE.

Psst... did you know today is CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY (April 18)?!?

We recently helped Chariton Valley bring some customer-appreciation to their Showcase CoMo booth with FREE headshots but this wasn't our first rodeo bringing headshots to the table for a customer-appreciation event (though it was one of the most fun ways we've done it!). Did you know we can also help you host an in-office customer appreciation event with hosted-headshot images or add the service to your next trade show presence, or open house or ribbon cutting!?!?

So don't forget about that unique (and eye catching) idea the next time you're about to order a set of pens, keychain flashlights or band-aid olders. Let's create a branded (or unbranded) image your clients will be excited to share and talk about and that they really WANT as a way to cement your brand in their minds for a long long time.